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Our Story

Roger Sramek, Inventor and LEVELsleep Co-Founder
how to reduce pain, lose weight, stop snoring and get healthy from the promise of a better night

15 years ago, I couldn’t sleep.

My sleeping companion was an incessant snorer. As an inventor—I’ve authored eight issued patents and six pending patents—I saw a challenge and knew I had to do something for both of our sakes.

An idea struck me. If her head rested closer to the mattress instead of bowing forward, she might breathe easier and with less snoring (and neck wrinkling). The next day I used her electric carving knife to hollow out foam from the bottom and center of her pillow to allow her head to tilt back—and it worked. Her snoring stopped!

With this success in hand, I called Stanford University to arrange a meeting with Dr. Clete Kushida at the Stanford University Center for Human Sleep Research. He conducted a clinical trial and the pillow proved to reduce snoring (by 78%) and sleep apnea. We conducted two additional clinical studies and a biomechanical study, all of which proved the pillow’s efficacy. I started a company and applied for and was granted FDA clearance.

After the clinical studies, I lunched with Stanford’s Dr. Dement, known as the “father of sleep medicine.” Then and there he challenged me to invent a mattress that would promote better sleep. He said all the big brands had been there to do pilot studies and were surprised to find no significant benefits to their mattress products.

Over the next several years, with the help of others, I produced a very different mattress and took it into clinical testing to prove that it enhanced sleep, lowered pain and stiffness and tossing and turning.

With patents issued and pending, Level Sleep was born.  

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Roger Sramek, Inventor and Level Sleep Co-Founder

Our Mission

Our company arose from a desire to improve sleep, not to build yet another mattress company.

Our company arose from a desire to improve sleep, not to build yet another mattress company. Put another way…

We help people live with less pain and more energy through better sleep.

I joined forces with Roger after my own experiences fighting with an ineffective, $4,000 mattress. As an avid runner, swimmer, and skier—and parent of three with my wife—I was fed up. After meeting Roger, finding a shared passion for sleep and health, and trying his design, I knew it was time to start Level Sleep...


A Pledge: Will You Join Us?

Ours is a pursuit of Level Sleep—pain-free, uninterrupted, and deeply refreshing sleep. Sleep you’ve never before experienced.

We invite you join our pursuit, whether or not you are or become a customer.

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JJ Abodeely, Founder and CEO

Come Visit Us

We’ve opened our Experience Center in our hometown of Sonoma, CA. We invite you to stop by to try out a mattress as part of your next expedition into Wine Country (and better sleep). Find us at 579 1st Street West.

Located at 579 1st St W, Sonoma, CA 95476