How We Fight Back Pain

Level Sleep has been designed and tested for those who wake up and don’t feel refreshed, and for those who consistently find themselves tossing and turning throughout the night. If you are someone who tends to wake up with a sore neck, stiff joints, or aches and pains, Level Sleep was built for you.

A patented design to reduce pain while you sleep

Chronic pain is not something to take lightly and unfortunately, it is something that over 20 percent of the adult American population experiences (CDC, 2016). If this statistic wasn’t staggering enough, the same report from the CDC found that over 50 million Americans suffer from chronic pain and about 20 million suffer from “high-impact chronic pain”, meaning that the pain is critical enough to limit regular life or work activities.

These high numbers of chronic pain sufferers suggest that adults with daily pain (that may or may not impact their normal life’s activities) has become something of a norm. Over 20 percent means that this pain is experienced by 1 in 5 American adults. Here at Level Sleep, it is our aim to help relieve this pain and improve wellbeing through a better night of sleep.

Level Sleep’s mattress has a patented design that is also clinically proven to reduce pain and improve sleep, Level Sleep’s team of sleep specialists are committed to sharing this knowledge in order to help the world sleep better and most importantly, live better. Side sleepers will especially love and benefit from Level Sleep’s 10 years of development, clinical trials, and multiple patents that went into making our TriSupport design a system that solves the puzzle that other mattress companies fail to understand.

Is your pain better or worse when you wake up in the morning? If it’s worse, then there’s a good chance that whatever you are sleeping on is either causing or contributing to your pain.
Level Sleep has been designed and tested for those who wake up and don’t feel refreshed, and for those who consistently find themselves tossing and turning throughout the night. If you are someone who tends to wake up with a sore neck, stiff joints, or aches and pains, Level Sleep was built for you.

We believe that when you lay your head down at the end of the day, you should feel content knowing that your body is done working. If you are sleeping on a stiff, unsupportive, or uncomfortable mattress, your body will have to continue to work to compensate for the areas where it isn’t being supported, causing back pain – especially lower back pain. This is why oftentimes you wake up and do not feel well-rested, even if you slept for 7-8 hours. While you may have slept adequate hours, you might have been tossing and turning due to back pain, or your spine was not properly aligned to provide circulation and support to the muscles.

Read on to discover what the Level Sleep mattress does for back, shoulder, and chronic pain. Here, we outline how Level Sleep has been specifically designed with your ultimate comfort in mind.

A patented design to reduce pain while you sleep

“I have had this bed for 3 months and I love it. It has helped me sleep better and provides great support for my back. The different levels of comfort level throughout the bed provides full body support which also helps you sleep with proper alignment. I highly recommend this bed for a better night sleep.”

Mamta M.

Best Mattress for Back Pain

Traditional mattresses are built with the same level of firmness across the entire bed, which is ultimately why these mattresses leave you feeling achy and sore in the morning. Whether you prefer sleeping on your back, side, stomach, or a combination, the human body is full of soft curves and gentle lines that are incompatible with unforgiving surfaces.

Best Mattress for Lower Back Pain

Many mattresses leave the lumbar — lower region of your spine — unsupported. This is because a mattress that has the same firmness across its entire surface will sink in at the heaviest pressure points (your hips and shoulders) and won’t support the place just above the pelvis. When you’re body rests in this position it is out of alignment, amplifying lower back pain and creating undue stress on the soft tissues.

Whether a mattress is on the firm side, the soft side, or somewhere in the middle, if there isn’t any support for your lumbar region, it is likely that you will find yourself tossing and turning throughout the night and wake up with aches and pains. This tossing and turning is called sleep fragmentation, which keeps you from spending time in the deepest, most restful stages of sleep, ruining your chances for rejuvenative nighttime recovery.

Best Mattress for Back Pain

“I had lower back pain every morning via a too soft mattress. The TriSupport just made sense. Support where you need it, etc. So far, I have reduced my back pain by least. Great product and delivers on its promise.”

Tony W.

A study published in the Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association showed that lumbar support enables a more even distribution of pressure across the pelvic, lumbar and thoracic areas, while limiting compressive and shearing forces on the spine.

The Level Sleep mattress is perfectly designed for back sleepers and side sleepers because it has a TriSupport system that offers three distinct levels of support to cradle your pressure points where necessary and maintain alignment of your body’s curves in exactly the right places. To reduce back pain, tossing and turning, sleep fragmentation, and overall increase sleep satisfaction, back sleepers and side sleepers need a mattress that provides this sort of sufficient lumbar support.

Best Mattress for Side Sleepers with Back Pain

Because your torso is lighter than your hips, traditional mattresses force your spine toward the mattress, stressing your back and causing pain. If you find yourself sleeping “in the fetal position” while side sleeping, consider how poor your posture is due to the gravity-induced sagging of the spine. On Level Sleep’s TriSupport mattress, because your shoulder drops into the softest zone and your hips into a medium firm surface while your torso is supported by firmest zone of the mattress, you can maintain a more natural, standing alignment of your spain which reduces the compressive and shearing forces experienced by many side sleepers.

Best Mattress for Back Pain

“I'm so grateful my chiropractor suggested this mattress. For anyone who suffers with fibromyalgia, it is an answer to prayer. I also have a herniated disk & Osteoarthritis. This mattress provides the different levels of firmness/softness where they are needed most & I couldn't be happier.”

Bruce D.

Best Mattress For Shoulder Pain

If you’re a side sleeper, your body weight falls onto the regions where parts of your body protrude into the mattress. Shoulder pain from sleeping on your side is extremely common because blood flow to the capillaries is reduced due to the compression of your shoulder’s soft tissue within your bone structure and the surface of the mattress, assuming you are sleeping on a typical mattress without a TriSupport®® system. Level Sleep®’s TriSupport®® system is one of the best mattresses for side sleepers with back and shoulder pain because of its three distinct levels of firmness. The layers of the TriSupport® system are designed to reduce the compression of your body and improve natural blood flow, therefore decreasing pain and sleep-disrupting tossing and turning.

The top area of the Level Sleep® mattress where your head and shoulders rest is called LEVELsoft, the middle section that supports the curved part of your spine is called LEVELfirm, and the end of the mattress is LEVELmedium, each having the corresponding level of firmness the name suggests. The LEVELsoft area specifically, allows your shoulders to sink further into the mattress than other mattresses would, not only because the section is softer and more giving, but also because the mid section keeps the curve of your spine lifted. Allowing for this support and give in places that match your body’s natural curve, gives you a weightlessness while you sleep that lets all of your muscles, joints, and soft tissues relax completely without needing to compensate anywhere. Sleeping on a Level Sleep® mattress absorbs the weight of your shoulder instead of pushing back into your body like you have more than likely experienced on other mattresses. This absorption reduces shoulder pain like normal mattresses cannot and ensures a more successful, refreshing night of sleep.

Wake Up Refreshed With Less Pain

Level’s patented three zone design works together to prevent pressure buildup. Less pressure and reduced pain directly translates to less tossing and turning and better sleep.

Best Mattress for Arthritis Pain

According to the Arthritis Foundation, getting enough good sleep is absolutely essential for those suffering from arthritis. Little sleep, tossing and turning, or sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress are all surefire ways to exasperate symptoms of arthritis, which will drastically decrease your quality of life overall.

Pressure build-up from sleep discomfort is a nightmare for individuals with arthritis, but the Level Sleep TriSupport system addresses this issue directly. The LEVELmedium area of the mattress is comprised of softer materials than the middle, LEVELfirm area, in order to keep your spine it its proper alignment and relieve any pressure buildup that you would experience from a mattress with the same firmness across its entire surface. Placing your hips on a surface that is a bit softer than the middle of the mattress lets your hips sink down further than your torso, creating natural alignment of your lower spine, lessening the potential for pain.

Level Sleep’s three-zoned support mattress works together in order to give you a supportive, aligning, and pressure-relieving sleep, perfect for those suffering from arthritis. The levels act as follows:

These zones are what makes Level Sleep unique and allowed our clinical trial participants to wake up with 43% less fatigue as well as 34% less tossing and turning. Choosing a Level Sleep mattress means choosing better sleep and better health overall. The proof is in the research.

Best Mattress for Arthritis Pain

I also have arthritis in my neck and back which is more comfortable now that I have a more level sleep. Many thanks from us in Melbourne Australia.”

Christina C.

Best Mattress for Chronic Pain

How does Level Sleep work for chronic pain?

We did our research, did a study, and discovered the truth. In 2008 we conducted a study over a 10-night period with 30 participants. The study was done under a protocol that was written and supervised by a well-recognized principal investigator and that followed Institutional Review Board approved protocol. Each subject was monitored for five nights on a standard, well-known mattress brand, as well as five nights on a Level Sleep mattress with our TriSupport Technology.

Our discoveries were astounding. Participants reported a:


reduction in pain, including neck, shoulder, back, and hip pain


reduction in latency (time it takes to fall asleep)


reduction in tossing and turning


reduction in day dysfunction due to sleepiness


reduction in fatigue the following days


increase in sleep satisfaction


reduction in stiffness

These numbers clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of a Level Sleep mattress, which is excellent news for those suffering from chronic pain, including back pain, shoulder pain, and pain from arthritis.

Best Pillow For Side Sleepers with Chronic Pain

The Level Sleep mattress is not the only Level Sleep item with clinical trials to prove its effectiveness. Sleepers suffering from chronic pain, especially in the neck and upper shoulders, will be happy to discover that Level Sleep’s Restore™ Pillow was made to improve your sleep life exponentially more.

Level Sleep is known for being one of the best mattress options for side sleepers suffering from back and shoulder pain, the type of pillow you sleep on can majorly affect your sleep at night and pain in the morning as well. For side sleepers, the right pillow is absolutely essential in mitigating potential pain.

Choosing a pillow that is too thin will create pressure around the soft tissues of your neck and the intervertebral discs of your cervical spine. This pressure will likely cause discomfort and pain in your neck and upper shoulders after a night of sleep. A pillow that is too thick puts your spine out of alignment because it raises your head in an unnatural position, and overtime this misalignment can place unnecessary strain, making you feel achy, sore, and unrested upon waking.

The Restore™ Pillow was crafted to eliminate undue stress and to keep your spine in proper alignment in order to reduce points of pressure. By keeping your neck in a weightless alignment, you’ll experience a more satisfying, pain-free night of sleep. Because the Restore™ Pillow is properly designed, it also keeps airways open to reduce snoring, and may even help with symptoms of sleep apnea.

In an article published in Sleep Research Online titled, “Cervical Positional Effects on Snoring and Apneas,” researchers, Kushida, Dement, et al. discovered that sleeping on a since-improved version of the Restore™ Pillow resulted in:

  • 78% reduction in the number of snoring events
  • 86% reduction in duration of snoring events
  • 24% reduction in obstructive sleep apnea

The research is clear. The combined clinical results of the Level Sleep mattress’s TriSupport system and the Restore™ Pillow’s pressure-free lift really shows what Level Sleep does for back, shoulder, and chronic pain.

Best Pillow For Side Sleepers with Chronic Pain

“I broke my back a few years ago and my wife has her own health problems. No more discomfort in the mornings. And if either of us tosses around at night this is a solid product that really isolates the other from bumps in the night.”

Brian G.

Take the pressure off of your mind and body and experience pain relief with Level Sleep. It is time to level up with Level Sleep and begin your journey towards better sleep.

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