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  • A pillow that helps prevent snoring, wrinkling, all while providing superior comfort
  • Our Restore pillow has ergonomic features to let your head rest easy and give you a better night's sleep.
  • Shims on the underside of the pillow let you customize the height to your preferences.
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  • Ear wells allow side sleepers to finally get pressure free rest.
  • Shown with Ergonomic Comfort Center
  • Shown with Ergonomic Comfort Center removed
  • Pockets in the back of the pillow allow for the insertion or removal of shims to let you customize the height of the pillow for your best fit.

Restore™ Pillow

Restore—the Anti-Snore, Anti-Wrinkle, Pro-Comfort Pillow. We’ve improved on a design that reduced snoring by 78 percent in clinical trials at Stanford University. This breakthrough pillow eases neck pain through natural neck alignment, helping you sleep deeper with improved airflow. The perfect gift for them--and you. And with our ear wells for side sleeping, you’ll reduce pressure on your skin and wrinkling.

Try it risk-free for 110 nights and remember what it’s like to wake up refreshed and without pain.


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The Swiss Army Knife of Pillows. Only Far More Comfortable.

Rest comfortably on a unique, patent-pending design that correctly positions your neck for maximum airflow and comfort

  • money back

    Better Sleep Guarantee.

    We call it our "No Pain Campaign." We ship your pillow free to your door and if, at any time during your first 110 nights you're not sleeping better and more comfortably, we'll accept your return and issue a refund.

  • MADE in usa

    Made Right Here
    in the USA.

    Your product is made to order in our US factory of quality, non-toxic, US-produced materials. When you buy a LEVELsleep mattress, you're not only supporting your body—you're supporting your country's economy.

  • 3 Year Warranty!!
    3 year warranty

    Sleep Easy Knowing
    You Are Covered.

    Your purchase is protected from defects for 3 years and backed by a full replacement or refund. Because we use the best-of-the-best materials and top-notch manufacturing we stand confidently behind our Warranty.


Product Details

All our products are made in the USA of non-toxic materials.
If you'd like to learn more about the order and shipment process, please visit our FAQs

Size specs
24” x 14” x 4-6” (adjustable height)
Durable, breathable Recoveree stretch polyester
Poly Urethane Foam
Remove foam pillow and level inserts.
Spot clean pillow with clean, damp cloth and air dry.
Place cover in a gentle wash cycle with warm water and no bleach or fabric softener.
Once clean, tumble dry on low temperature.

Level Sleep Customer Reviews

Our customers are experiencing reduced pain and deeper sleep.