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Industry Leading Risk-Free Mattress Trial

Risk-Free Mattress Trial

365 Night
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365-night risk free trial with free shipping and returns so you can be sure you are sleeping on the best.

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“I think anyone who has a back would benefit from the experience on this bed, whether they have a condition that requires special medical attention or not. Just a normal back would benefit and would prevent, in my opinion, potential problems associated with an unsupported sleep. A bed that supports you adequately is a godsend.”

Dr. Robert Adams


Test out mattresses for a minute or less in a store only to get home and realize it was not the mattress to give you the comfort, support, and pain relief you needed?


Try out a mattress in the privacy of your own home, knowing that you’re able to really get a feel for it after weeks, months, and entire year of use?

The second option is a no brainer, right? When it comes to caring about your health and wellbeing, you want to make sure you have a mattress that actually reduces pain — no sales gimmicks, just proven science.

Level Sleep® is so confident in our patented mattress to give you the best sleep of your life we let you try it for an entire year, risk-free.

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Patented Mattress Clinically Proven to Reduce Pain and Improve Sleep

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Enjoy The Freedom To Decide

365 Night Industry-Leading Trial

This is an offer like no other in the mattress industry. You have an entire year to decide whether or not you enjoy the Level Sleep® mattress. Choosing a new mattress is an investment in time, energy, and money. Give yourself one less thing to stress over.

Free Shipping and Returns, Always

Enjoy shipping and returns - on us. Take advantage of our White Glove Service for an additional fee and have your mattress delivered and set up for you. And if you do decide to return, we will even come pick it up for you at no additional cost.


A Warranty That Lasts Forever

Forget the standard, 10 year limited warranty. Level Sleep® has been designed to last a lifetime. For as long as you own your Level Sleep mattress, the quality, construction, and durability of materials are guaranteed.


“The innovations of the multiple foam consistencies and densities is a brilliant concept and recognizes the uniqueness of our body composition. I think whether they have a problem or they want to prevent a problem, they should have these beds.”

Dr. Robert Adams


The Jury is Out

Experience a deep night’s rest on a mattress built to support your body and reduce pain with a trial period that is unparalleled. Forget the hassle of store-to-store shopping and awkward mattress testing that doesn’t truly give you a feel for what you’re buying.

We’ve taken special care to ensure that ordering and testing out a Level Sleep® mattress is as painless a process as possible — and guaranteed to reduce pain once you sleep on it, or your money back.

It’s simple really. Enjoy the freedom of a zero risk, at-home trial today.

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Best Mattress Trial In The Industry

Try it For 365 Days, Risk-Free

You’re able to test out Level Sleep® for a full year in order to truly get a feel if this mattress works for you. Enjoy the freedom of sending it back at any time if you find that it’s not the right fit and we will give you a full refund, no questions asked. To make matters even easier, we will come pick it up and ship it back at no additional cost to you. This trial period is 3 times longer than others in the industry. We’re confident that you’ll love Level Sleep. Try it out today and discover for yourself.

Easy Returns on All Mattresses

It’s rare but returns do happen. If you decide that Level Sleep® isn’t for you, contact our Customer Support Team, and a team member will be happy to assist you. We work with you to coordinate a time to come and remove your Level Sleep mattress at no additional cost to you. If your mattress is being returned within the 365 day trial period window, we’ll completely refund your money. Your satisfaction is our main concern and if Level Sleep isn’t what you are looking for, you have a right to find what is.


How does Level Sleep® stand up to other mattress trials in the industry?

Level Sleep®'s 365-night trial applies to all orders placed on or after September 28, 2018. For orders placed prior to September 28, 2018, the 110-night trial period at the time of purchase remains in place.

You know it’s a great mattress when...

It’s comfortable across all four seasons.

It keeps you cool when it’s hot.

It keeps your temperature regulated when it’s cold.

It is supportive before and after a long day at work.

It soothes your aching muscles and joints.

It reduces motion transfer caused by a partner tossing and turning.

It is sturdy and holds its edge even when kids or pets jump on your bed.

You wake up with less pain and ready to take on the day!

Your ultimate comfort shouldn’t be left up to chance. Make the right choice with a mattress that withstands the test of time and leaves you feeling refreshed and with less pain each morning. With proven pain reduction, an industry leading trial, and a warranty that lasts as long as you do, what are you waiting for?

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“After my injury, I definitely needed an adjustment. 
I need firm support and I also needed comfort in the areas where I had my injury. Finding that mixture was a difficult one but with Level Sleep® it was a match and what resulted there was just a perfect night’s sleep.”

Natalia Farber

Sonoma, CA

Top Questions

What’s the Level Sleep® Mattress?

Level Sleep® is a TriSupport® foam mattress that uses a unique three-in-one surface to relieve pain and support better quality sleep. Instead of a flat mattress surface, the TriSupport foam topper is made to fit the curves of the human body. It is raised to meet the curve of your spine instead of making your body do all of the work. With a combination of soft, medium, and firm foams on top and a high-resilience foam base on the bottom, Level Sleep create the perfect combination of comfort and support during sleep keeping you cradled but lifted at the same time.

Level Sleep is science-based and we do our homework in order to bring you a better night of sleep. We commissioned an IRB-approved, single-blind sleep trial, designed by Clete Kushida, M.D., PhD., in which study participants tested their current mattress against Level Sleep. The results confirmed that the TriSupport concept was doing what it was meant to—participants fell asleep more quickly, woke up with less pain and stiffness, and reported significantly more energy and sleep satisfaction on the Level Sleep mattress. Learn more about our studies and mattress design here.

What is the 365-night sleep trial?

While most online mattress companies offer 100 nights to test out their beds, we understand that you need more time to really know if it is a good fit. That’s why you’re able to test Level Sleep® for an entire year before fully committing. Test out Level Sleep in every single season at absolutely no risk. If you decide that it’s not what you’re looking for, we’ll come pick it up from you for no additional charge. It’s that simple, really.

What setup do you recommend for the Level Sleep®?

Level Sleep® works best on a base or bed frame. This allows for optimal airflow to maintain cool temperatures, easier cleaning, and optional storage below your bed. Take a look at the Full Quick Start Guide here.

Do you offer financing?

Yes, we offer financing through Affirm, which is an option you can choose at checkout.

What is the Forever Warranty?

Most mattress companies, even online mattress companies, only have limited warranties. With Level Sleep®, you can rest easy knowing that you have a warranty that lasts a lifetime. For as long as the original purchaser of the Level Sleep mattress owns it, we guarantee the quality of construction, materials, and durability of the mattress. We understand that purchasing a mattress is an investment. We believe that you should be getting the best value for your money and with our Forever Warranty we hope to prove that.

What do I do with my Level Sleep® mattress if I want to return it?

At Level Sleep®, we make the return process extremely easy. Simply contact our Customer Support Team via webchat, phone, or email, and a representative will work with you to set up the return. Generally, we will send you a survey asking for the most convenient times to come and pick up your Level Sleep mattress. The day we come pick up your Level Sleep mattress is also the day you’ll be issued your refund.

Patented Design Promotes Spinal Alignment While You Sleep

Level’s patented three zone design works together to prevent pressure buildup. Less pressure and reduced pain directly translates to less tossing and turning and better sleep.

Thousands of Happy Customers

Thousands of Happy Customers

Recommended by Hundreds of Chiropractors

Recommended by Hundreds of Chiropractors

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Secure Credit Cards and Easy Monthly Payments with Affirm